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Oracle Fusion Financials Cloud service never made business insight to all customers. It revolutionizes the native business and reporting platform sets the standards for finance and fundamentally alters the way financial professionals work enabling better governance and consistent development while helping today’s fast growing and dynamic organizations make better decision support, improve efficiency, lower costs, and continuously make changes. Oracle Fusion Applications are having advanced cloud servers in the world. If you compare it with the old R12 version it is having more advanced features and more security.

Oracle Fusion Financials Cloud is a modular suite of Oracle Fusion Applications. These are the group of products designed to store and analyze the financial information on a globe basis. It lowers the time exhausted on ineffective searches made by users with the particular information they need at right time. With cloud financials, the system does more of the thinking for you by offering real-time business in the organization within the circumstance of a business transaction to guide your decisions.

Oracle Fusion Financial Cloud service transforms process mechanism and data access to simplify controls, increase productivity and improve business decisions. The application services are designed for ease-of-use, enabling business users to maintain their financial solution directly with no IT involvement.

Oracle Fusion Financials Cloud delivers a comprehensive solution built to automate and update industrial financial management processes end to end. The most comprehensive integrated, implemented, and scalable financial management solution is available. It offers extensive support for global organizations in a wide range of industries.

The Oracle Cloud is ideal for customers seeking subscription based access to leading Oracle applications, middleware and database services, all hosted and expertly managed by Oracle. It offers an integrated financial management suite that is designed to automate, streamline, and control financial processes end to end without expensive hardware and management system overhead costs. Oracle Fusion Financials Cloud service transforms process automation and information access to simplify controls, improve business productivity and improve business intelligence decisions.

It includes a broad suite of capabilities including general ledger, accounts payable, accounts receivable, fixed assets, expenses, collections, and cash management and centralized accounting, payment, tax, and intercompany engines. An early adopter of Fusion Financials has set up a Fusion Competency Center which has a Fusion Sandbox environment and other implementation fixed assets to enable quick Fusion implementations on the cloud. All our Fusion Financials implementation consultants hold Fusion Implementation Certifications.

It provides fixed bid ERP Implementation Services for the Financials, Procurement and Project Portfolio Management Oracle ERP Cloud product families. Our cloud service offerings include project team enablement workshops, data migration simplified templates, design workshops, test scripts, training material, and a project management framework focused on the needs of a rapid deployment. It follows the Oracle Unified Method Cloud Application Implementation services approach which follows short, well-structured implementation lifecycle, limited modules per release, iterative configuration, and multiple releases to accommodate the possible increase in scope and timeline. Continue to expand its Oracle Fusion Cloud Services to other fusion applications as per market acceptance grows. We continue to work with companies that are early adopters in specific fusion applications as they develop proof-of-concepts prototypes to validate their individual cloud approach and can assist companies as they develop and refine their Oracle Fusion Cloud strategy.

Oracle Fusion Financials Cloud Delivers:
• Real-time access to live financial information
• Compete with global accounting standards based platform and many legislative, industry or geographic needs
• Pro-active issue resolution for automated financial business processing
• Improve decision-making and accuracy during transaction entry
• Lowers transaction processing costs and data entry bugs
• Save on training costs and increase productivity when handling large data volumes

Regardless of firm size the challenges and demands of fusion finance cloud across an organization are very genuine. It offers the Oracle Financials Cloud to support all firm sizes through its engage, service wrap and pre-packaged solutions designed specifically to support the quick delivery of business benefits, regardless of industry vertical including, but not limited to local and central government, education, wider public service bodies, professional services, small and large multi-national companies covering financial services, construction, engineering, retail, entertainment, pharmaceuticals, utilities, and telecommunications.

Modern organizations are under intense pressure to offer reliable, accurate, and speedy financial data to business decision makers. Furthermore, complying with worldwide standards has become more of a headache than ever before. How do you know if financial management in the cloud is right for you? This data sheet takes a look at Oracle Fusion Financials Cloud service, exploring main product features, and financial management advantages to your firm can realize quickly.

Oracle Cloud Financials is a subset of oracle fusion applications which is having more effective in present business organizations. Its online training is taught by oracle professionals to improve their business system in financials. Oracle Cloud Financials include some key modules as Ledger and Analytics, Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, Collections, Expense, Tax, Cash Management and Fixed Assets, these modules can be configured to set a business specific requirements and deployment.

Oracle Fusion Financials Cloud Training classes prove that they are very much cooperative for all those students, on-job professionals, employees who are worried to pursue the best training but they can’t attend traditional classroom training classes due to some reasons or other. Our training provider had gained the standard reputation across the globe for its way of teaching. It has set a new standard in internet-based classes by providing high-quality training through the internet. Apart from classroom training, many of them are enrolling for web training offered by our oracle team. End users working with fusion cloud financials can experience the easy and fast effective ways of implementation so various business started implementing these cloud applications.

We have well-experienced oracle trainers with more than ten years of experience in developing oracle business applications and its suite which is having more demand at present. We deliver high-quality information for students on any related topic. We provide training through self-paced videos and instance fusion access. Our way of teaching is accepted through worldwide.

Oracle Cloud Financials has been designed for ease of use from below mentioned three perspectives:

  • Ease of configuration, updating, and maintenance.
  • Import information for master and transactional data through excel spreadsheets, and other file-based technologies.
  • Automatic generation of security enabled roles across business units and legal entities.

Oracle Cloud Services: Oracle Fusion Financials Cloud Reporting

Reports enable businesses to offer instant access to information to all levels within and outside of the organization in a scalable and secure environment. This let us know the present condition of enterprises and helps in taking important business intelligence decisions.

Oracle Fusion Financials Cloud service is one of the newly build product features from oracle. It supports all financial reporting and analysis needs from a single system. Oracle Fusion Financials Cloud service offers a unique reporting platform that is built with a multi-dimensional data model.

Oracle Fusion Financials Cloud service improved experience with financial cloud reports by simplifying the data model, using different methods like SQL query, CSV file, web services etc to create reports, launches light-weight business intelligence publisher wizard to create reports, shared folder option which contained all your and oracle shared reports that can be further used, and invoice print templates enlisted in shared folder can be edited and printed as per the requirement.

Use of Cloud Financials:

The robust use of oracle cloud financials is data security. It is implemented through configurations at the business unit, thus ensuring separation and security of transactional and some other data by specific business units across the worldwide operations. This is implemented through the use of powerful and at the same time flexible role-based access controls at the user level technology, data from files to applications and reporting. The access controls to data and menu by the users are managed across key criteria.

Advantages of fusion financials cloud:

Many businesses consider financial information about their operations with utmost importance from an operational perspective and very confidential. This is especially true for small to mid-size businesses that are privately held and managed. The technology stack offered by Oracle offers advantages with machines designated for each subscribing customer thereby ensuring data security and strict confidentiality. As businesses grow and operations expand, many businesses expand globally with operations and reporting in multiple countries and need to ensure compliance with governmental regulations and reporting to key stakeholders, and eventually stockholders. The Oracle technology stack subscription service is designed to be elastic and grow with the scalability demanded by the subscribing customer.

Essentially, businesses with global operations require globally scalable financial applications that are, from the start, enabled for such operational capabilities. Oracle Fusion Financials is certainly an application that is ready, out of the proverbial box, for such scaling of capabilities. A big advantage, hence the phrase proverbial in quotes, is that the implementation of the solution is not invasive and does not require investment in software license or hardware and networking infrastructure. This offers the flexibility of pay-as-you-use model.

Oracle Financials include the following key modules: Ledger & Analytics, Accounts Receivable, Collections, Accounts Payable, Cash Management, Fixed Assets, and Expenses.

Under the expert guidance of consultants, these Cloud Financial modules can be configured to suit a business’s specific requirements and deployed rapidly. The business subject matter experts will be able to state business requirements from operations and regulatory perspective across the globe with the implementation experts. Consultants and professionals can also assist their customers to maintain, expand, and implement a dynamic business process to enable growth and expansion of operations over a longer horizon of operations.

The configuration process takes into account business units that will be required and provides for all the Subledger to be tracked by business units, and legal entities. Inter-company transactions, if any, can be set up and configured to provide online tracking and balancing of intercompany transactions in multiple legal entities, business units, and multiple currencies.

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