Oracle Fusion Financials – Lease Management

There is various information required within the finance of the organization. The CFO required the professional quality of the financial statements, financial forecasters required to analyze the ledger balances, and to the other users required to perform the ad hoc transactional of the information Oracle Financials applications and it is … Continue reading

Customer Data Integration in Oracle Fusion Financials

CDI is a characterized as “the combination of the method, controls, to the automation and to the skills essential to standardize and they mix the customer data originating from the different sources. And “the comprehensive traditional of the technology components, services, and the business method that generates, maintain, and it … Continue reading

Oracle Fusion Financials – Oracle Customer Hub

Oracle Customer Hub is the comprehensive functionality permits to the enterprise to maintain to the customer data over the full of the customer of the lifecycle: data capture, standardization and correction of names and addresses; identification and merging of duplicate records; enrichment of the customer profile; enforcement of compliance and … Continue reading