Fusion Finance is a component of Oracle Fusion Applications which is fully open and standard-based enterprise applications which can be easily incorporated into a service-oriented architecture. It is designed as a complete suite of modular applications, the Oracle Fusion Applications help you to increase productivity, reduce office costs, and achieve better results. Whether you choose a single component or a product family or an entire suite, this application allows you to gain the advantages of Oracle Fusion Applications at a speed which matches your finance business needs.

This application revolutionizes the productivity and data access with native and real-time business intelligence. It is a complete suite which helps you to run your entire business process and it is designed to work as a full finance solution to your existing finance systems. Fusion Finance is units of products which are build to store and analyze the finance information on a worldwide basis. With this Fusion Finance, your association can estimate that how to control the finance business flow. It consists of a broad suite of General Ledger, Account Payables, Account Receivables, Fixed Assets, and Cash Management as well as it also includes tax, expenses, and collection management that all sit on top of a 100 percent open to help the users to improve business agility and standardize the business process. Fusion Finance application and database storage are organized in the cloud server which can be easily moved to or from a private cloud or on the environment. Oracle unites the best capabilities of Oracle's finance solution to deliver a complete solution that arms finance professionals with the right information at the accurate time, improves productivity, and accelerates finance business performance.  

Apart from the Fusion Finance, it considers the decision-making, reporting, and business intelligence. In addition, it also delivers the unique business insight to all users. Its goal is to offer a management solution in complete accounting cycle which consists of effective and integrated features and capabilities.

Additional finance business value for existing fusion finance application is designed to work side-by-side with other Oracle Fusion Applications. Oracle Fusion Accounting Hub allows you to aggregate data from other multiple general ledger environments, whether it is Oracle or non-Oracle. It also provides the reporting and integration platform to effectively drive a coexistence way with your present finance methods. It is built to distribute in coexistence with EBS, JD Edwards, PeopleSoft, and other ERP systems. The aim of finance application is to provide a comprehensive finance management solution from starting to end the accounting process. It includes streamlined and unified best-in-class capabilities and features. In this present fast growing technology, Fusion Finance application has a great demand in business firms in which they can improve their business strategy and lower their IT costs.  

Use of Fusion Finance Application:

  • Fusion Finance is used to lowers the time wasted on ineffective searches made by users with the particular information they need at right time. With this, the system does more of the thinking for you by providing real-time business within the context of a business transaction to guide your decisions.
  • It also offers widespread support for global companies in a wide variety of industries.  

New Standard for Reporting has various reporting requirements within the finance business organization. The Chief Financial Officer requires finance analysts need to analyze the ledger balances, professional finance quality statements, and others need to generate transactional queries. The unique complaint from all these customers is that the information is spread across different sources and is the inaccurate, outdated, and time-consuming process to collect.

Fusion Finance delivers a state-of-the-art reporting stage that is natively built on top of an analytic data form. Single step posting from business transactions to the consistent data model ensures consistent, accurate information, and timely for management and outside reporting. All the reports work off the same data and support drill-downs to live business data transactions. All reports and queries are open to the minute, offering multi-dimensional analytics without the need for a diverse data warehouse.  

New Standard for Decisions have the finance users, particularly those who are doing data entry work, often have some data to complete transactions. The recent studies show that some of the organizations and employees are wasting some percent of their day in finding the point of information overload, and the companies are spending the equivalent of salary expenses on employees for searching ineffective information which leads to duplicate efforts, faulty decisions, and lost productivity.

For this situation, Fusion Finance application reduces the time eradicated on ineffective data searches done by customers with the particular information they require at the accurate time. Configurable, work-based dashboards unite the data from different sources, proactively observe the processes, and throw exceptions to various finance roles so that they can take instant action. The users have to log in to know exactly what they need to do. With the use of Fusion Finance application, the system does more of the thinking for you by offering decision making and real-time intelligence within the situation of a business transaction to guide your choices.

New Standard for Productivity is that finance organizations are statically trying to find ways to improve more productivity with less effort. Unfortunately, transaction processing dominates much of finances workload. Fusion Finance dramatically lowers the costs of the resource-intensive job. Native worksheet technology offers an extension to transactional entry to support high-volume data entry across most finance systems. Innovative out-of-the-box imaging integration radically improves invoice creation and should delete the costly third-party solutions. In addition, Fusion Finance is designed to work the way finance users work on a day-to-day basis. All pages are configured and optimized for the most creative user experience.

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