Oracle Fusion Financials Cloud is a component of Oracle Fusion Applications which is a group of products that are designed to store and analyze financial information on a global basis. It eradicates the time exhausted on ineffective searches done by end users with the specific information they need at the accurate time. With Fusion Financials Cloud, the system does more of the thinking for you by providing real-time business intelligence in the organization within the condition of a business transaction to guide your choices.

In a world of improved diverse rule and reporting process with the unqualified demand and impossible to satisfy for business insight through financial business intelligence, organizations require a financial system that places decision-making support at the front of the model. Fusion Financials Cloud revolutionizes the productivity and data access with native, real-time business. Using this application, your business organization can estimate how to manage the financial flow within the firm. It is an absolute financial management solution which includes a broad suite of general ledger, account payables, account receivables, fixed assets, and cash management. It reduces the time perished on ineffective searches done by customers with the precise information they need at right time.  

Oracle Fusion Financials Cloud Service delivers never done business insight to all users. Its revolutionary native business intelligence and reporting platform set the new standard for finance and fundamentally change the way financial professionals work enabling better governance and consistent development while helping today's fast-growing and dynamic organizations make good decisions, improve efficiency, decrease costs, and continuously make changes. It is a complete and integrated financial management solution with automated financial processing, effective management control, and real-time visibility to financial results. A contemporary user experience and modern, information-rich features offer everything you need to make better choices, meet financial compliance, and improve your bottom line.  

Fusion Financials Cloud service transforms the processing mechanism and data access to simplify controls, increase productivity, and improve business decisions. The application services are built for user-friendliness, enabling business users to control their financial solution directly without any IT involvement. In this Fusion Financials Cloud, you will learn how to configure below suite with the fusion cloud financials application

  • Oracle Fusion Financials Cloud: General Ledger
  • Oracle Fusion Financials Cloud: Account Payables
  • Oracle Fusion Financials Cloud: Account Receivables
  • Oracle Fusion Financials Cloud: Fixed Assets
  • Oracle Fusion Financials Cloud: Cash Management
  • Oracle Fusion Financials Cloud: Human Resources
  • Oracle Fusion Financials Cloud: Purchasing
  • Oracle Fusion Financials Cloud: Financials Inventory
  • Oracle Fusion Financials Cloud: Order Management

Oracle Fusion Financials Cloud delivers a complete solution build to robotize and update your industrial financial management processes end-to-end. The most comprehensive integrated, implemented, and scalable financial management solution is available. It also offers the extensive support for worldwide firms for a broad range of industries.



Oracle Fusion Financials Cloud service includes the following components

  • Fusion Financials revolutionizes the productivity and business decision access with native and real-time intelligence. Fusion Financials Cloud service is a comprehensive application suite to help you run your fully business organization.
  • Financials Accounting Hub offers a flexible approach to system adoption, allowing users to implement fusion in an evolutionary way. As an accounting platform, FAH standardizes the accounting from various third party transactional systems to consistently enforce accounting policies and meet numerous reporting requirements in an automated and controlled fashion.
  • Financial Reporting and Analytics is a unique reporting platform which is natively designed on top of a multi-dimensional data model offers real-time access to a financial solution with robust analytics and drill-downs. It provides the self-service access to live reports to end users with the accurate information when they need it.

Oracle Fusion Financials Cloud application has been designed for accessibility based on three perspectives. They are ease of configuration, update, and maintenance, data import for master data and transactional data through macro enabled excel spreadsheets and other file-based import technologies, and automated generation of security enabled roles across legal entities and business units.

The New Standard in Financial Control and Reporting includes the key features as Innovative embedded multi-dimensional financial reporting system, Simultaneous accounting of various reporting requirements, Role-based dashboards push issues and work to end users, Embedded transactional business intelligence guide user decisions, Out-of-the-box imaging integration for dealer invoices, Extensive spreadsheet integration across the financial system.

Oracle Fusion Financials Cloud distributes the real-time access to live business financial data, contend with global accounting standards and multiple legislative, industry or geographic requirements, proactive issue resolution for automated financial processing, increases decision-making and accuracy during transaction entry, lower transaction processing costs and data entry errors, and save on training costs and increase productivity when handling large amount of data volumes.

Regardless of organization size the challenges and demands on finance across an organization are very real. It delivers Fusion Financials Cloud service to support all sizes of organizations through its engage, regardless of industry vertical including, but not limited to local and central government, service wrap and pre-packaged solutions built specifically to support the fast delivery of business benefits, wider public service bodies, education, small and large multi-national companies covering cloud financial services, professional services, construction, retail, engineering, pharmaceuticals, utilities, entertainment and telecommunications.

Modern organizations are under intense pressure to provide reliable, accurate, and speedy financial information to business decision-making. in addition, complying with international standards has become more of a headache than ever before. How do you know if financial management in the cloud is right for you? This data sheet takes a look at Fusion Financials Cloud service, exploring key product features, as well as financial management advantages to your organization, can realize quickly.   

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