Oracle Fusion Procurement Online & Classroom Training
Oracle Fusion Cloud Procurement Release 11 (Latest Version)


Table of Content
1. Oracle Fusion Inventory
2. Oracle Fusion Purchasing
3. Oracle Fusion Self Service Procurement (SSP)
4. Oracle Fusion Supplier Portal
5. Oracle Fusion Procurement Contracts
6. Oracle Fusion Sourcing
7. Oracle Fusion Accounts Payables/P2P Cycle
8. Oracle Fusion Functional Setup Manager (FSM)
9. Oracle Identity Manager (OIM)
10. Oracle Authorization Policy Manager (APM)
11. Oracle Business Process Management (BPM)

Other Concepts & Course Highlights:

1. Enterprise Structure Definition using Rapid Implementation Spreadsheets (PL & BU Etc.)
2. Working on Configuration Packages (to move setup data from one instance to other
3. Third Party Application Integration with Fusion Cloud Applications - Overview
4. Procure to Pay Cycles (P2P)
5. OTBI Reports
6. BPM Approvals
7. Data Conversion using FBDI Templates
8. Custom Roles Creation using Security Console
9. Complete course training will be delivered with EBS Comparisons
10. Fresh Environment & Latest Version (Fusion Instance) based learning
Oracle Fusion Inventory

Inventory Configuration
1. Create Location for Inventory Organization
2. Create Facility Shifts
3. Create Facility Workday Pattern
4. Create Facility Schedules
5. Create Item/Master Inventory Organization
6. Create Actual Inventory Organizations
7. Create SubInventory & Locators
8. Create Item Classifications & setting up security
9. Define UOM
10. Configuring Receiving Parameter for Inventory Organizations
11. Receipt Accounting Configuration
12. Create Mapping sets
13. Create Account Rules Expense
14. Create Account Rules Receiving Inspection
15. Create Account Rules Accrual
16. Create Account Rules Expense Accrual
17. Rules Assignments
18. Assigning Data Roles to User
19. Run "LDAP" Job

Transactional Process
1. Master Item Creation Process
2. Receipt Creation Process
3. Conducting Inspection & Delivery of Materials
4. Checking Onhand Availability
5. Purchase Returns
6. Creating Misc.Receipt
7. Creating Account Entries and Transferring to General Ledger
8. Reviewing Journals from General Ledger

Common Configuration for Oracle Fusion Procurement
Configuration for Basic Catalogs

1. Create Product and Child Value sets
2. Setting up Key Flexfield for Catalogs
3. Creation of Catalog Descriptive Flexfields
4. Defining Category Descriptive Flexfields
5. Managing Catalogs
6. Setting up Default Catalogs

Supplier Configuration
1. Setting up Supplier Number
2. Defining Supplier Type Lookup
3. Creating Lookup for Tax Organization Type
4. Creating Hierarchy for Supplier Products and Services Categories
5. Defining Supplier Value sets
6. Creating Supplier Descriptive Flexfields
7. Setting up Supplier Messages
8. Configuring Supplier Outbound Synchronization Service
9. Configuring Supplier Registration and Profile Change request
10. Creating Hierarchy for Procurement Category
11. Create Procurement Agents

Define Approval Management for Procurement
1. Create Approval Groups for Procurement
2. Implementing of Requisition Approvals
3. Implementing of Supplier Negotiation Approvals
4. Implementing of Supplier Negotiation Award Approvals
5. Implementing of Purchasing Document Approvals
6. Implementing of Internal Supplier Registration Approvals
7. Implementing of Supplier Registration Approvals
8. Implementing of Supplier Spend Authorization Approvals
9. Implementing of Supplier Profile Change Approvals
10. Working on Task Configurations for Procurement

Configuration for Procurement Transaction Accounting
1. Manage Mapping Sets
2. Create Account Rules for Accrual Account
3. Create Account Rules for Charge Account
4. Create Account Rules for Destination Charge Account
5. Create Account Rules for Destination Variance Account
6. Create Account Rules for Variance Account
7. Manage Transaction Account Types
8. Complete Manage Transaction Account Definitions
9. Assign Purchase Transaction Account Definitions to Subledger Accounting Options
10. Create Payment Terms
11. Define Units of Measure
12. Setup Carrier Lookups
13. Create Carriers
14. Create FOB Lookup
15. Create Freight terms lookup
16. Setup Purchasing Profile Options
17. Create Document Styles
18. Setting up Item Profile Options

Configuration for Business Functions
1. Assign Business Unit Business Functions to Business Unit
2. Configuring Procurement Business Function
3. Configuring Requisitioning Business Function
4. Configuring Common Options for Payables and Procurement

Budgetary Controls Configuration
1. Setup Budgetary Control
2. Create Budgetary Calendars
3. Setup Control Budgets
4. Setting up Control Budget Data Access for Users/Role Assignments

Encumbrance Accounting Configuration
1. Define Encumbrance Accounting
2. Create Encumbrance Types
3. Create General Ledger Encumbrance Carry Forward Rules

Configuration for Oracle Fusion Purchasing
Purchasing Configuration

1. Define Change Order Templates
2. Create Purchasing Value Sets
3. Define Purchasing Descriptive Flexfields
4. Create Supplier
5. Create Supplier Address
6. Create Supplier Site
7. Assign Supplier Site to Procurement Business Units

Requisition Configuration
1. Create Requisition Descriptive Flexfields
2. Define Requisition Value Sets
3. Define Buyer assignment rule sets lookup
4. Create Buyer assignment rules
5. Setup Purchasing Messages
6. Create Hazard classes
7. Create UN Numbers
8. Setting up Approved Supplier List Status
9. Reviewing Role Templates and Roles for Procurement
10. Assigning Roles to User
11. Running LDAP Job

Transactional Process
1. Overview on Role Based Dashboards
2. Requisition Process
3. Creating Purchase Orders
4. Approving Purchase Orders
5. Amending Purchase Orders
6. Creating and Approving Blanket Purchase Agreements
7. Creating and Approving Contract Purchase Agreements
8. Touch Less Buying Process from SSP to Purchasing
9. Centralize Procurement Concept
10. OTBI Report (Concept and steps to create OTBI report)
11. Running Standard Reports
12. Running BI Reports

Oracle Fusion Self Service Procurement (SSP)
SSP Configuration

1. Create Information Template Descriptive Flexfields
2. Define Information Template Value Sets
3. Setup Self Service Procurement Profile Options
4. Create Catalog Category Hierarchy
5. Setup Self Service Procurement Messages
6. Manage Local Catalog
7. Manage Content Zone
8. Content Zone Security
9. Setting up Procurement Requester
10. Assign SSP Data Roles to User
11. Running LDAP Job to Roles/Grants Synchronization
12. Requisition Approvals (Configuration & Process)

Transactional Process
1. Creating Catalog Requisitions
2. Submitting Draft Requisitions
3. Update Draft Requisitions
4. Approving Requisitions
5. Amending Requisitions
6. Creating and Approving Manual Requisitions
7. Touch Less Buying Process from SSP to Purchasing

Oracle Fusion Supplier Portal
Configure for Supplier Portal

1. Manage Supplier User Roles
2. Manage Supplier User Role Usages
3. Specify Supplier News Content
4. Manage Supplier Portal Messages
5. Configure Supplier Notifications
6. Supplier Registration
7. Setting Up Supplier Profiles
8. Setting up Supplier Registration Approval
9. Assign Supplier Portal Seeded Job Roles to User
10. Running LDAP Job to Roles/Grants Synchronization

Oracle Fusion Procurement Contracts
Configure Fusion Procurement Contracts

1. Contract Terms Library Configuration
2. Defining Contract Clause and Contracts
3. Setting up Contract clause and Contract Approval
4. Assigning Roles to User
5. Running LDAP Job
6. Including Procurement Contracts in PO Documents

Oracle Fusion Sourcing
Configure Fusion Sourcing

1. Create Negotiation Styles
2. Define Sourcing Lookups
3. Setup Attribute Lists
4. Define Cost Factors
5. Create Cost Factor Lists
6. Create Negotiation Templates
7. Manage Sourcing Value sets
8. Create Sourcing Descriptive Flexfields
9. Setup Sourcing Notifications
10. Configure Negotiation Award Outbound service
11. Define Sourcing Messages
12. Assign Sourcing Roles to User
13. Running LDAP Job to Roles/Grants Synchronization

Oracle Fusion Accounts Payables
Payables Basic Setups

1. Commons Options for Payables and Procurement
2. Invoice Options Configuration
3. Payment Options Configuration
4. Create Distribution Sets
5. Create Banks
6. Create Branches
7. Create Bank Accounts
8. Create Payables Documents
9. Create Payment Process Profile
10. Assigning Data Roles to User
11. Submitting LDAP Job
12. Open AP Periods

Transactional Process
1. Invoice Creation based on PO
2. Invoice Creation Based on Receipt
3. Self Billing Invoice Creation
4. Payment creation

Oracle Fusion Functional Setup Manager (FSM)
1. Introduction to Functional Setup Manager (FSM)
2. Understanding Application Implementation Process through FSM
3. Understanding Offerings
4. Understanding Options
5. Enabling Offerings
6. Implementation Project Creation
7. Task Assignments to Team Members
8. Status Tracking
9. Understating Task Lists/Tasks
10. Overview on Offerings Documentation
11. Overview on Rapid Implementation Process

Oracle Identity Manager (OIM)
1. Implementation User Creation
2. Role Provisioning
3. Custom Roles Creation

Oracle Authorization Policy Manager (APM)
1. Overview on Role Templates
2. Overview on Oracle Delivered Roles
3. Generating Custom Data Roles

Oracle Business Process Management (BPM)
1. Approval Groups Creation
2. Approval Rule Definitions

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