Oracle Fusion SCM Training in Bangalore

Oracle Fusion Supply Chain Management is known as Oracle Fusion SCM, it is a component of Oracle Fusion Applications, which are next-generation applications that build upon Oracle best of type SCM product suite to address today’s newest business challenges. Oracle Fusion Supply Chain Management will modify your financial business operations by offering a view of product, order, supply, and fulfillment plans across a firm, an embedded Global Order Promising to standardize supply and demand in order across the dissimilar satisfying systems, a unified and accurate product definition is harmonized within and across an organization value supply chain and comprehensive inventory and cost management capabilities.

Fusion SCM solutions can be achieved and set up as the complete suite of the solutions or the individual, best-in-class and the modules. And, the entire Oracle’s application has the Oracle lifetime provision guarantee. So you can rest and assure that you are the applications and support for as long as you use them. It combines, these characteristics and make the Oracle Fusion SCM most flexible and to the risk justifying suite of the supply chain management application in the market of the today. Improving the innovation with best-in-class product lifecycle management and complete the product value chain management.

Drive the functional, enterprise and value chain alignment with best-in-class sales and the operations planning and unified business was planning. Oracle Fusion Supply Chain Management confirms the solutions that have the lower execution times which incomes the faster ROI. Pre-integrated Oracle applications on common architecture foremost to the lower administrative and the costs.

Make Your Oracle Fusion Supply Chain Management More Efficient

Oracle Fusion SCM application is a global in nature and process-oriented which would seem a likely to assist from globally available and highly configurable on cloud-based services. It is excluded when parts of this process still exist as preserved, on-premises systems are even interrupted the smooth cycle of ordered product, inventory, and fulfillment.

At present, Oracle is modifying to wordless the supply chain blocks that are connected to isolated, on-premises parts of the system with order management and global order promising service. With the addition of these two important applications to the Oracle SCM, the companies can now optimize the order fulfillment process using the accessible services across the entire spectrum of the cash process. Uniting these important business functions helps us to improve the order accuracy and fulfillment efficiency while decreasing the billing errors and revenue recognition process.

Oracle order management service creates a perfect fulfillment process by uniting the quote and sales process in Oracle configuration, cost, quotation, packing, pick up, shipping process in inventory and cost management, and finally the billing process in the supply chain management system. This application allows the sales, fulfillment, and financial organization to connect faultlessly.

Capabilities offered by Oracle order management service includes the standardized order fulfillment process and procedures, the centralized monitoring of order status, risk calculation which pro-actively identifies the potentially problematic orders, and user-defined orchestration, which lets the business customers implement their own fulfillment orchestration policies prebuilt application functionalities.

Oracle global order promising service is an optional method of Oracle order management service, it lets the customers accurately and efficiently commits to offer the products by taking an advantage of all available product supply, a feature that can help to increase revenues, lower the fulfillment costs, and improve the user satisfaction. To secure the order delays, Oracle global order promising service can rip an order line between two fulfillment centers, ship part of an order line on time while scheduling whatever is not available to a future date, or substitute a valid product if the ordered item is not available.

About Our Training with Our Real-Time Experts at Our Institute

Oracle Fusion SCM Training in Bangalore is offered by ERPTREE which is said to be leading training provider and which is taught by our Oracle experts who are having more than ten years of knowledge in teaching on Oracle Applications and its modules. We deliver the teaching with high-quality information on Oracle Fusion SCM application. 

  • Our experts are said to be leading trainers in the worldwide through information technology.
  • Provide self-paced videos and instance fusion access for practice which can be taken from anywhere at any time.
  • We are having online training at our training center ERPTREE.
  • We offer Oracle Fusion SCM Training in Bangalore with our experts.
  • At our ERPTREE, we provide training videos on Oracle Fusion SCM application.
  • Our way of teaching style is accepted as best throughout the world.

We are having the world’s best trainers in teaching Oracle Fusion applications, thus keeping them in between theoretical knowledge and real-time experience. We offer the training for students with cost-effective and teach them in flexible timings from anywhere through our training. With Oracle Fusion Supply Chain Management Training in Bangalore, we had already trained thousands of students, on-job professionals through our training center and most of the students had got placed in MNC’s with better payment to attain their goal in Oracle Fusion applications. We have designed our course content based on current industry standards and students requirement from basic to advanced level.

Comprehensive Materials Management Visibility and Control in Oracle Fusion Inventory

In Oracle Fusion SCM, the Oracle Fusion Inventory Management compromises the complete materials management solution which enables the organizations to successfully control the inbound flow of products, inventory storage management, and outbound order fulfillment. This ensures the stream of material is optimized to meet the customers demand in a cost-effective way. The advanced cost management skills will enable the cost professionals to capture, track, and analyze the costs associated with inventory products as they move through the supply chain management process.

Oracle Fusion Inventory helps the organization to ensure that the product material is effectively managed from receipt through the view of consumption, in order to meet the customer demands. It modernizes the flow of inbound product material by delivering the centralized, pro-actively monitoring the mechanisms that efficiently maintain the expected receipts and received lines by supplier and document type. Users are guided through essential receiving, inspection and put-away tasks ensuring receipts are processed rapidly and easily, and exceptions are promptly identified and resolved. It delivers the integrated inventory, replacement, and counting tasks in a central inventory work area and simplifies the review of inventory balances within and across inventory facilities.

From the centralized view of balances, users can easily see and maintain various material status and lots, serial numbers enabling proper stocking, and handling of different types of inventory materials. Additionally, users can initiate issue, receipt, and transfer of materials within an organization and across organizations. With the proper approvals and controls, users can identify issues on products or handle within the warehouse.

To support the critical fulfillment process a centralized pick and ship work region include the pro-active monitoring of outbound shipping process. The managers and customers can promptly identify and resolve the exceptions and backlogs enabling smooth material movement and warehouse operations. Throughout complete product material management flows, the inventory management deploys the user-friendly transactional and analytical reporting for business users to create, modify, publish reports, and alerts tailored to the business needs and the audience.


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