The Oracle Fusion is a service-oriented platform and applications suite joins gen-x enterprise technologies, services, and applications including oracle fusion applications and oracle fusion middleware, to alter the dynamics in the applications marketplace and revolutionize business organizations. We provide oracle fusion training around all over the world to improve and expand your business organization and lower infrastructure costs.


Oracle Fusion is also known as Oracle Fusion Architecture (OFA) which is a standard-based and open technology suggestion architecture or blueprint for designing applications. It is future generation suites of the software application and distributed across the various group which includes a broad range of oracle fusion application and its suite. The Oracle Fusion Architecture is not a product or service and it can be used without licensing it from Oracle. Most of the organizations use it to write applications that can run on Oracle Fusion Middleware. Oracle Fusion Applications are built on top of the Fusion Middleware technology stack by using Oracle’s Fusion Architecture as a blueprint.

Therefore Oracle Fusion can be referred to three things as Oracle Fusion Middleware, Oracle Fusion Application, and Oracle Fusion Architecture. With this Oracle is not only moving to the next generation technology stack like SOA, BAM, BPEL, ESB, Ajax, JSF, etc., but it will also bring together the best-in-class environment of each of the incumbent suites, like Business Structure, Event Models, Security Model, and Workflow Process which you will find in later part of discussion. Before let you have a quick look on Oracle Fusion Architecture.

Oracle Fusion Middleware: It contains the oracle fusion application server and other technology stack components that oracle has acquired in past few years. Oracle Fusion Middleware was previously known as Oracle Application Server.

Oracle Fusion Middleware, it is a set of middleware services covering areas like Identity Management, Business Intelligence, Content Management, and Service Oriented Architecture

Each of these areas has its personal stack of products.

Oracle Fusion Applications: Oracle Fusion Applications is Oracle’s next generation suite of applications that eventually replaces E-Business Suite. It is also called as Enterprise Resource Planning module for oracle fusion. It will assimilate with best kind of features from EBS, PeopleSoft, Siebel, and JD Edwards.

Using the fast-growing technology and incorporating the best practices gathered from oracle customers, Oracle Fusion Applications is a suite of 100% open and standards-based business applications that provide a new standard for the way business innovate, accept technology, and work. It is deployed as a complete suite of modular, service-oriented enterprise applications, oracle fusion applications work with oracle’s applications unlimited portfolio to increase business to the new level of performance. Whether it is one module, or a product family, or an entire suite, it provides businesses with their choice of all advancements pioneered by oracle fusion applications, at a moment that matches individual business organization demands.

The modules of the Oracle Fusion Applications are discussed as follows:

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP): It is an industry term for the wide range of activities that helps an organization to manage their financial business system. ERP software is the backbone of many organizations managing accounting, procurement, and projects throughout the enterprise. Oracle’s modern, integrated cloud applications offer the functionality, analytics, collaboration, and security tools you need to run your business.

Streamline Business Process with Cloud ERP – With streamlining business processes with enterprise resource planning cloud you can increase productivity, lower costs, and improve controls.

Oracle Fusion Procurement: Fusion Procurement is a computer program that allows a firm to automate the processes of purchasing goods and maintaining an inventory of goods. It is a key component of Oracle Fusion Applications, helps you to spend smarter. With Oracle Fusion Procurement you can practice smarter negotiation, smarter collaboration, and smarter buying.

Empowers Modern Procurement – You can use procurement cloud to streamline your secure to pay process through automation and social collaboration, while controlling costs and achieving higher margins.

Supply Chain Management (SCM): Oracle Fusion Supply Chain Management applications are gen-x applications that designed upon oracle best of breed SCM product suite to address present newest business challenges. Fusion SCM applications can alter your business operations by offering a single view for order, product supply and fulfillment plans across the complete enterprise, an embedded global order promising solution to normalize goods supply and demand information across disparate fulfillment systems, a unified and exact product definition that is harmonized within and across the enterprise value chain, and comprehensive inventory and cost management capabilities.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM): It is a term used to practices, technologies, and strategies that organization used to maintain, organize, and analyze user interactions and information throughout the consumer lifecycle. Oracle Fusion Customer Relationship Management is part of Fusion Applications, which are fully open and standard based enterprise applications that can be easily integrated into a service-oriented architecture. It is designed as a complete suite of modular applications, Oracle Fusion Applications help you to increase performance, lower IT costs, and get better results. Whether you choose one module, a product family, or the entire suite, Oracle Fusion enables you to achieve the benefits of Oracle Fusion Applications at a pace that matches your business needs.

Human Capital Management (HCM): It is an approach to employee staffing that perceives public as human capital assets whose current value can be measured and future value can be improved through investment. Modern Human Resource empowers the individual by leveraging easy to use tools that are personalized, deliver insights, social, and cover the full employee lifecycle process. With Oracle HCM Cloud, you can discover, grow, and retain the better talent, provide complete workforce insights, enable collaboration, increase operational efficiency, and make it easy for everyone to connect on any device.

Fusion Financials: It revolutionizes and information access with real-time business and native. It is a fully financial management system which includes a wide range suite of capabilities including general ledger, account payables, account receivables, fixed assets, and cash management it also includes tax and expenses. Oracle Fusion Financial Management Cloud will bring influence to your users and is your software as a service (SaaS) Financial Management solution available by subscription. A complete set of enterprise cloud services ensures customer success before, during, and after enablement.

Governance, Risk, and Compliance (GRC): It is software which allows openly held companies to design and manage technical functions that are subject to regulation. Only Oracle Fusion Governance, Risk, and Compliance is a component of the Oracle Fusion Applications suite, provides a complete enterprise GRC platform that gives you the power to discover, manage, and enforce.

Oracle Fusion Training:

We offer Oracle Fusion Training, it is being considered as one of the best training course available across all major areas through the worldwide. This training course is conducted by our best real time industry experts hence the training offers the high quality and developed industry compatible skills for enrolled students, employees, and others. We offer regular traditional classroom-based training which is mostly preferred by students to learn with the help of trainers to clarify their queries in front of them and web-based training which are mostly chosen by on-job professionals who can attend the classes from their own places at any time on oracle fusion applications with their requirement.

We have more than ten years of hands-on expertise in offering best training for learners on all oracle fusion applications. Our training is accepted throughout the world for its teaching style and is said to be leading trainers from information technology. For learning, we provide self-paced videos and also provide 24/7 instance access for practice to learners. Our trainers are well certified on all fusion applications.

We offer modern and updated oracle technology platform for providing best quality training on fusion applications and this can be clearly seen from its training classes. Nowadays e-learning became a simple task for everyone to explore knowledge on the related subject sitting at their remote places and they are helpful for those who can’t attend the classroom training due to some reasons. Apart from traditional classroom-based training many of them are showing interest towards online training and are enrolling for oracle e-learning classes. We offer oracle fusion training course for students, on-job professionals and others to have their course from their own places.

Oracle Fusion Classroom Training: Although technology-based training is becoming increasingly popular, at present everyone are showing interest towards classroom training, At present, an overwhelming many number of companies continue to use traditional classroom training beside an improving amount of technology-based training, such as e learning and web-based training.

Oracle Fusion Online Training: Learning is often considered to be a normal part of personal life and working. Both learning for achieving a good job and for achieving knowledge should not be neglected. Online environment is changing continuously and it represents a great opportunity for learning at anytime from anywhere. It is very important to discover how to learn using all available communication channels and choosing the ones that best suit a person’s style of filtering the information.

24/7 Access: We provide 24x/7 instance fusion access available, offer self paced courses for limited months of duration, offer online training, and monthly based, yearly based access also available.

The Salient Features of Oracle Fusion Training includes as follows:

  • We have the best real time oracle experts for classroom-based and online-based training
  • They provide the instance fusion access for practice and also self-paced videos for learning
  • We teach on all oracle fusion applications and its suite at the time of training
  • We deliver modified and simplified training methods
  • Our training can be accessed from any place at any time with respect to learner’s comfort
  • With our training, many students got placed in good MNC companies with satisfying payrolls
  • Our course content includes present oracle fusion features with new updates in technology platform and with students requirements
  • At the time of teaching our trainers even motivate and inspire the students to actively participate in real time projects and communicate with each other

Oracle Fusion Training had already taken by many learners across all major locations throughout the world. It will be provided by the real time certified consultant. Our Trainer is having more than ten years of real-time experience in oracle fusion applications training. While teaching, real-time scenarios will be covered which help the students to handle the projects easily and all our trainers are skilled experts and in addition, they have the best experience with the verified track of record in oracle fusion training.

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