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Oracle R12 Financials is a set of Oracle Fusion Applications which updates and automates all your financial business processes for enterprise-wide, daily business intelligence which lets you make more well-versed decisions, improve operations, and decrease office costs. An integrated data model provides a perfect view of all your financial information comprises a 360-degree view of your customers. This application is using on Oracle technology which gives you a scalability and prominent performance. Oracle R12 Financials puts organized a set of mutual features to form an integrated application which is built to implement particular business processes.

Understanding the Oracle Payments in Oracle R12 Account Payables

In Oracle R12 Account Payables, Oracle Payments serves as a funds disbursement engine for other Oracle applications and capture funds. As the significant payment engine, Oracle Payments practices the transactions which include as invoice payments from Oracle Account Payables, bank account transfers from Oracle cash management, and settlements against credit cards and bank accounts from Oracle Receivables. It distributes an organization that required connecting these applications and others with financial centers and third-party payment systems.

It compromises the centralization of payment processing which is having various benefits to deploying companies that can efficiently centralize the payment process across many organizations, regions, and currencies. Best working capital management can be gained by offering the cash manager’s visibility into cash inflows and outflows. Moreover, an audit trail and control is supported through one point of payment administration.

Oracle Payments is integrated with financial institutions and payment systems for receipt and payment processing, known as funds disbursement and funds capture, respectively. Funds capture refers to the electronic retrieval of funds, typically by a payment system on behalf of the deploying company, from payers, such as customers, who have debts to the deploying company. The payer, in this case, provides Oracle Payments with pertinent payment information, such as a debit card, credit card, or bank account number. On the other hand, Funds disbursement is the process of paying funds owed to creditors, such as suppliers.

Oracle Payments supports purchase cards, credit cards, PINless debit cards, and bank account transfers these types of electronic payments for funds capture payments. It also supports different payment methods for funds disbursement payments which include wires, checks, and electronic fund transfers.

New Features of Fixed Assets in Oracle R12 Financials

Account Payables to Fixed Assets Integration, Payables now have a new level which is invoice lines of detail between Invoice Distribution and Invoice Header. At this new level, a new field is accessible to enter details that will integrate to Fixed Assets these fields include Manufacturer, Model, Serial Number, Warranty Number, Asset Book, and Asset Category.

The some of the new features of Fixed Assets are listed as follows

Event Accounting - Assets now have event accounting, meaning that every transaction is treated as a new event to the assets. The impacts on assets are as follows:

  • The audit trail will no longer show voided transaction types if changes occur in the month an asset was added.
  • No longer forced to delete assets in the period it was added, due to the event accounting, Oracle treats the addition and retirement as separate events, so now Oracle enables the assets to be retired in the period added.
  • Event accounting also allows for transferring accounting to GL multiple times in a period.

Auto Depreciation Rollback - In Oracle R12, you will no longer be needed to run the Rollback Depreciation process in order to make corrections to fixed assets. After running depreciation when a correction or change is needed, simply choose the asset to alter. Oracles will automatically rollback depreciation for this asset. Make your modifications and when you retry depreciation, Oracle will again calculate depreciation based on the modifications made to the asset.

Month End Close - Create Accounting process is now used in Fixed Assets the journals are created not by a period, but by events and a date. This means that one can create accounting on the 15th of a month for all transactions performed at the end of the month. This enables the clients to view accounting prior to month end for events that will greatly impact the books.

Oracle Financials is a subset of Oracle Fusion Applications. They are a family of products which are designed to capture and analyze financial data on a global basis. Oracle Financials offers a broad suite of modules and capabilities designed to empower modern finance and deliver customer success with streamlined processes, increased productivity and improved business decisions. All types of languages are supported in Oracle Financials service. It is a complete financial management system which consists of a broad suite of General Ledger, Account Payables, Account Receivables, Fixed Assets, and Cash Management. It also allows the multiple business units and ledgers with numerous charts of accounts and currencies. It is a unique offering which provides our financial services customers the assurance that they move to the cloud is secure, acquiescent, and risk-averse. Oracle Financial Management will bring power to your people and is your software as a service Financial Management solution available by subscription. A comprehensive set of enterprise services ensures the customer success earlier, during, and after enablement.

With Financials, it eradicates the time wasted on ineffective searches made by users with the particular information which they need at the right time. The system does more of the thinking for you by offering real-time business intelligence in the business firm within the context of a business transaction to guide your decisions.

In a world of improved diverse rule and reporting process with the unqualified demand and impossible to satisfy for business insight through financial business intelligence, organizations require a financial system that places decision-making support at the front of the model. Oracle Financials revolutionizes the productivity and data access with native, real-time business. Using this application, your business organization can estimate how to manage the financial flow within the firm.

Oracle Financials delivers never done business insight to all users and its revolutionary business intelligence and reporting platform set the new standard for financial and fundamentally change the way financial professionals work enabling better governance and consistent development while helping today's fast-growing and dynamic organizations make good decisions, improve efficiency, decrease costs, and continuously make changes. It is an entire and incorporated financial management solution with mechanized financial processing, effective management control, and real-time visibility to financial results. A contemporary user experience and modern, information-rich features offer everything you need to make better choices, meet financial compliance, and improve your bottom line. Oracle Financial changes the processing automation and information access to simplify controls, increase productivity, and improve business decisions. The application services are built for user-friendliness, enabling business users to control their financial solution directly without any IT involvement.

Oracle Financials delivers a complete solution build to robotize and update your industrial financial management processes end-to-end. The most comprehensive integrated, implemented, and scalable financial management solution is available. It also offers the extensive support for worldwide firms for a broad range of industries. In this Oracle Financials service, you will learn how to organize modular suite with the financials application.

Oracle Financials Cloud service includes following components:

Fusion Financials – It is a part of the Oracle Enterprise Resource Planning Cloud application suite, it revolutionizes the productivity and business decision access with native and real-time intelligence. Financials Cloud service is a comprehensive application suite which helps you to run your full business organization.

Financials Accounting Hub - It provides a flexible approach to system adoption, allowing the users to implement fusion in an evolutionary way. The Fusion Accounting Hub regulates the accounting from various third-party transactional systems to consistently enforce accounting policies and meet different reporting requirements in a robotized and controlled way. As a reporting platform, it offers the E-Business Suite and PeopleSoft customers exceptional reporting and analytics with minimum disturbance to their present financial processes.

Financial Reporting and Analytics – The single reporting platform which is natively designed on top of a multi-dimensional data model offers real-time access to a financial solution with robust analytics and drill-downs. It offers the self-service access live reports to end users with the correct information when they need it.

Oracle Financial Cloud service which is a new standard in financial control and reporting. It includes the key features as an innovative embedded multi-dimensional financial reporting system, concurrent accounting of various reporting requirements, role-based dashboards push issues and task to users, embedded transactional business intelligence guide user choices, out-of-the-box imaging incorporation for supplier invoices, and extensive spreadsheet integration across the financial system.

This application delivers the real-time access to live financial information, compete with global accounting standards and multiple legislative, industry or geographic requirements, proactive issue resolution for automated financial processing, increases decision-making and accuracy during transaction entry, lower transaction processing costs and data entry errors, and save on training costs and increase productivity when handling large amount of data volumes.

Regardless of organization size the challenges and demands on finance across an organization are very real. It delivers Oracle Financials Cloud service to support all sizes of organizations through its engage, regardless of industry verticals including, but not limited to local and central government, service wrap and pre-packaged solutions built specifically to support the fast delivery of business benefits, wider public service bodies, education, small and large multi-national companies covering cloud financial services, professional services, construction, retail, engineering, pharmaceuticals, utilities, entertainment and telecommunications.

Modern organizations are under intense pressure to provide reliable, accurate, and speedy financial information to business decision-making. In addition, complying with international standards has become more of a headache than ever before. How do you know if financial management in the cloud is right for you? This data sheet takes a look at Oracle Financials Cloud service, exploring key product features, as well as financial management advantages to your organization, can realize quickly.

ERPTREE is leading training provider, which offers Oracle R12 Financials Training. We have various courses on all technical platforms but it gives importance to financials application and provides important information to users in training across all over the world. It provides Oracle r12 financials training across all major areas throughout the worldwide. We are glad to say that our training has been rated as the leading trainer in data technology for its way of teaching. Once you learn the importance of Oracle R12 E-Business Suite, you can improve advanced knowledge in General Ledger Management, Asset Management, Order to Cash, and Procure to Pay areas.

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We have 10 plus years of experience in teaching Oracle R12 Financials applications and we have well-experienced experts. Our trainers deliver a top-quality of information in training for students with implementing new methods of teaching and its techniques in latest technologies. We offer to teach from basic to advanced level and offer in-depth so that one can handle in an easy way. At our ERPTREE, we are having Online Training Classes on Oracle R12 Financials application. We are offering training in various courses across all over the world and till now many students had already got our training successfully. We not only center on achieving the course concepts but also center on the overall growth of the students in order to make them achieve their objectives.

Oracle R12 Financials Training is taken by many students from our ERPTREE institute which is having a good impact. Most of the students prefer our institute to get training on Oracle Fusion applications because we are known as leading trainers across all over the globe. The students who got training from our institute on Oracle R12 Financials had got placed in MNC companies with high payrolls and leading their professional career. As we are having well-certified experts most of the students are enrolling for our Oracle R12 Financials Training in different locations. At our training center, we have an effective cost of the fee to be paid by students to get training on the required course. As we deliver top-quality training for students and on-job professionals, they get better training from our trainers. We are having placement assistance for students who got training on Oracle R12 Financials.

At our training center, we provide Oracle R12 Financials Training. Through web-based training, if anyone gets queries it will be solved by our training experts at that instant. We also contain self-paced videos and instance fusion access for students which can be accessed from anywhere at any time. It offers training videos on Oracle R12 Financials application at our training center.

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